Super Coconut Nectar



    Super Coconut Nectar (or Coconut Honey) is the life food or sap that nourishes and flows out of the coconut tree. As the roots of coconut trees reach far into the ground, the sap is packed with amino acids (the building blocks of protein), vitamins (such as B vitamins like inotisol, for its beneficial effects on depression, high cholesterol, and diabetes), and minerals (like potassium, for electrolytes, regulation of high blood pressure), drawn from deep parts of mineral-rich Philippine soil. It's also naturally sweet, while maintaining a low glycemic index that is about 35% lower than honey.

    This Super Nectar is lovingly harvested by our awesome partner farmers from Bondoc Province, Quezon, whose lives been empowered by your support for their life-giving coconut Super products.

    Perfect for refreshing calamansi juice or lemonade, hot tea, salad dressings, smoothies, juices, energy balls, and even cooking.

    How awesome are our local Philippine Superfoods? Power up! Choose to live a Super life.


    Organic Coconut Sap

    400mL (500g)


    Electrolytes and Minerals
    Energy Booster
    Low Glycemic Natural Sweetener

    Real Goodness

    Natural | Nutrient-Rich | Vegan | Gluten Free | Kind to Bees | Supports Awesome Farmers | Proudly from the Philippines

    100% SUPER

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