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  • “I love what you guys are doing, it's about time people are more informed and enlightened about what they put into their bodies. All the best and continued success to you!"

    Monica Luna

  • "Thank you very much for your help with my order problem... I truly appreciate everyone going out of their way to set things right. 

    Thank you for leading a super team!"

    Olive Coursolle

  • “Thank you for introducing the Maca Powder and Camu Camu to us! Yesterday, my husband asked me what's in his daily juice. I asked why and he said, "Kung ano man nilagay mo, ilagay mo lang araw araw. Maganda kasi, hindi ako nakakaramdam ng pagod at masyadong stress" ["Whatever it is that you put in my drink, please put it everyday. It's great, I no longer feel tired or stressed!"]. Now he skips coffee in the morning and always asks for a glass of juice. Downside is I always have to wake up early! Lol. Super thanks!”

    Dee Manuel

  • "We love your Superfoods! I discovered that kale works for us, the taste is not too strong but still very healthy. My 7 year old son always gets my smoothies!” [This is after she first messaged us with “I'm still a bit hesitant to put in some raw green leaves there, too scared it may taste yucky. But I sure will try it out!”]

    Grace Lopez

  • Just got my starter pack. Thank you for making this easy for us all!

    Danielle Faber

  • “The Superfood Grocer is being run by a passionate dancer-athlete couple who are vibrant examples of what super living is all about. Their Superfoods are at such a great deal!”

    Asha Peri

  • “Just want to share that your page to me is like a light in the darkness. Thank you!”

    Emerald Ventura

  • “I am a big fan of yours and I really am grateful for your heart to help others live a superlife through the Superfoods that you sell.”

    Mia Huang

  • “Thank you for always being an inspiration and a guide to me.”

    Camila Labog

  • “You two have really inspired me! I've been a health and wellness enthusiast for years but I’ve only started making green smoothies almost year after [I encountered you guys]. Now, my baby also takes green smoothies. We've also inspired my mom, relatives, and friends to drink green smoothies! I learned that despite my green and healthy ways, I can go greener and healthier! Hope to get the chance to join your workshops!”

    Jeane Marfal

  • “I’m very thankful and I’d love to share my story [Mai is on remission from Lupus after switching to a plant-based lifestyle]. I want to inspire others as you have inspired and helped me. And I’m happy to say that I just had my regular check-up and was able to let go of one of my meds na. Cheers!”

    Mai Gabarda